KURATOR MINI, a creative class initiative. 

To be able to design a beautiful future, we want to interact with children. By interacting through a creative initiative. We feel that with a brand that emphasizes cultural exchange we carry a responsibility. That’s how kurator mini was born.

kurator mini is a creative initiative where we introduce children to different fields of the creative industry. (So we are currently asking a bunch of dope creatives to help us form a course). The creative initiative focuses on the capabilities that are already intrinsic in a child. By letting them experiment and introducing them to several fields in the creative industry.

kurator mini will be starting off  in Indonesia, the place where we produce.

Schools in particular and Indonesia in specific are focused on classical elementary knowledge, such as math and grammar. With kurator mini we want to open a door to creativity, but always in conversation with the schools itself. We are brainstorming about art classes, web design, video editing, photography.

How will we do this?

We are creating a few different, six-week courses for the children to choose from. Each course is taught by a professional in its field and will end with an assignment. (Hence the gallery wall, since we cannot wait to show you what we have learned/created together).  The art of the students will be shown on the kurator mini page.

We will keep you posted on our journey on this page. As we are still finalising our kurator mini ambitions. Our next deadline is March 2023, which is when we will have a schedule in place where and when kurator mini will take off. And with which dope creative endeavours.